You’re My Beloved

“Then a voice came from heaven, ‘You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.’ ” Mark 1:11

As a child it felt like success came hard for me. I was born with misshaped hips and legs resulting in my needing to wear braces on my legs. This delayed my ability to walk and completely cancelled any ability to run or ride tricycles until they could be removed. I was so young that I remember almost nothing of that time but the two memories I do have are ones of great frustration.

When it came to school I discovered that I was slower learning to read than most of my classmates. I tried to act like it didn’t bother me but it was very hard for me. Learning math skills was slow for me. I was almost always a few and sometimes several lessons behind my classmates. I was ashamed of this but it didn’t seem to matter how hard I worked I just couldn’t keep up.

When it came to playing games like baseball, or hockey, or soccer, or volley ball or basketball; sometimes I had difficulty playing those games. I’ve since observed that I have poor depth perception causing me difficulty gauging how far away things are. This is particularly difficult with small moving objects like baseballs. I got used to never being the first and usually one of the last ones picked for teams.

Praise had to be earned when I was growing up and you can imagine that I got to hear others being praised far more that I ever got to hear it for myself. It just always felt like success was just out of reach.

As an adult approaching fifty success isn’t as hard to find as it used to be. I’ve learned to compensate for the mild dyslexia I have and while I’ll never be a fast reader, most of my learning challenges have been overcome. I now find that fitness is more important than athletics and don’t find myself comparing my abilities with others quite so much. Still there’s a part of me that’s that little boy desperately yearning to be able to do what his brothers and classmates seem to find so easy to do. To get the A on his home work. To be good at things that get you attention. To be able to do something so that someone will say their proud of me.

That’s why I treasure these words spoken by the Father to his Son. “You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” It’s good to know that my Heavenly Father doesn’t make it too difficult to earn those words from him.

2 thoughts on “You’re My Beloved”

  1. Thank you for sharing this post.

    We learn things when we are older that are impossible to learn when we are young, such as what you have shared here, “fitness is more important than athletics”.

    To be good at things does not always bring attention. Always being on the honor roll and excelling in sports and extracurricular activities didn’t bring any attention to me at all. I didn’t ever even think of getting attention. Even as a young child, I always tried to do my best and that was what I thought about. No one in my large family ever said they were proud of me.

    When I became a Christian at age 24, one of the first Bible verses I learned was Jeremiah 31:3. It was the verse I was looking at this morning. When I learned that God loved me and always would, it filled a void that was made from living with people who couldn’t show or express love at all. It still fills my heart, 36 years later.

    So I understand your frustrations when you grew up. When you say, “” It’s good to know that my Heavenly Father doesn’t make it too difficult to earn these words, “You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased””, I think you don’t have to earn them at all! It’s a precious gift to be a child of God and to be His beloved son or daughter!

    It’s such a blessing to have you share your thoughts and experiences on this blog.

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