Why Are You a With Jesus?

“I have compassion on the multitude, because they have now continued with Me three days and have nothing to eat.” Mark 8:2

Both Matthew and Mark include this second, less commonly known, miraculous feeding of the multitude. The details between the first and second feeding, while different are, in my opinion, comparable with the only major difference being the length of time the people had been with Jesus. With the feeding of the five thousand the people had been with Jesus for a single day. Now, with the feeding of the four thousand the people have been following and listening to Jesus for three days.

I have to ask myself, would I desire to hear Jesus teach so much that I would follow him into the wilderness without definite plans and continue following him when I saw that my food supply was running low and then stick with him even after my food had run out? I can’t see myself doing that.

I know Jesus told Satan when he was being tempted that, “Man doesn’t live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” And he told the people, “Blessed are those that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they will be filled.” But I don’t hear Jesus saying that we don’t need physical food at all and I don’t think I’m less than sincere for wanting to make sufficient plans so that my spiritual learning isn’t interrupted by the distraction of bad menu planning.

All that being said, I’m still impressed by the dedication of the people in sticking with Jesus as long as they did. Perhaps Jesus waited so long to feed them to weed out the ones that were following him, in this deserted place, just to see if he would multiply the bread again. No doubt those looking for miraculous entertainment had already gone home. Even those that just liked hanging around spiritual people had gone away in search of food. Now only those that were actually listening to what Jesus had to say, desiring to know more, were left.

How long have you been with Jesus? I’m not asking about a single event. I’m asking about how long he’s been your Savior, your God. Two years? Ten years? Twenty years? What keeps you following after him? Are you simply wanting to maintain what you’ve already been taught or are you wanting more? Physical, practical need is an effective way of testing motivation. Jesus desire isn’t to weed out anyone. But he does like to reveal the truth we like to hide from. Perhaps if we’re going through a patch where things are difficult Jesus is allowing this to show us why we’re where we are with him so that we can become ready to receive more.

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  1. Great Topic!! Why am I with Jesus?

    When I was young I liked God and going to church, and I even liked the little white Bible I received for confirmation. However, I didn’t know anything about that Bible and didn’t read it. There wasn’t the presence of God in our home. Then life took a turn for the worse and when I was 15 and I turned my back to God.

    In 1980, I was a single, unwed mother, running a health food store/lunch counter full time, and I knew I couldn’t go through life alone anymore. If there was a God, I needed Him. I was listening to the radio while driving in my car, and a talk show came on from a local church. The speaker said, “Talk to Jesus, He’s your friend” . From that moment, I believed in a small way and I found the church that had the radio show. I ended up with another church, but I stayed with Jesus because I learned He loved me and gave me so much!!! He gave me love, forgiveness,the hope of eternal salvation and the scriptures to inspire me and to live with. And the Holy Spirit’s presence.

    That’s all I really have in life. I didn’t grow up in a loving family and have been estranged for years, and I wasn’t able to create a loving family for my son. A loving family was all I ever wanted in life and it never happened. I guess it’s time to let that desire go.

    Each day when I wake up, I pray and then try to spend time studying the scriptures and then I read some inspirational posts. I also pray and meditate on a scripture song. Scripture songs became important to me when I was going to Jesus Freak meetings when I was 14, and I learned John 11:25. It was stored in my heart when I turned away from God. Then when I became a Christian, it came back to me and I learned more scripture songs. Many songs I learned from teaching the kindergarten Sabbath school and at the time, all the memory verses were put to song. So all these things encourage me to go on, as well as loving and caring friends.

    I try to keep the perspective that in spite of how life looks, God loves me and has a future for me. Things may not look great here on earth, but this is a temporary home. It will be the best thing to give up all I have on earth for something beautiful and wonderful that we can’t even imagine. That is my hope and that is why I am with Jesus! I need Him even more today than when I was that single mom.

    And it’s a great blessing and inspiration to have these posts. Thank you pastor.

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