Who Touched Me?

“And Jesus, immediately knowing in Himself that power had gone out of Him, turned around in the crowd and said, ‘Who touched My clothes?’ ” Mark 5:30

Jesus has once again crossed the Sea of Galilee and when he comes ashore the crowds throng around him. One member of the crowd, Jairus, begs that Jesus come to his house and heal his dying daughter. As Jesus, together with the throng, is making his way to Jairus’ house, a woman quietly and secretly makes her way to Jesus. Believing that all she needs to do is touch his clothing and she will be healed, she reaches out. As her fingers brush the fabric of Jesus’ robe immediately her affliction is removed and she’s made well.

Abruptly, Jesus stops and looking around loudly demands to know who touched his clothes. His disciples with humble incredulity point to the multitude pressing in around them and basically tell him that everyone is touching everybody else and how can he possibly be wondering about being touched. To which Jesus replies, “I felt power go out from me. Someone has touched me and been healed.”

Why was it so important for the woman to acknowledge that she’d been healed? Jesus, in fact, already knew who had touched him. In The Desire of Ages, Ellen White tells us that Jesus had been adjusting his pace to allow her to get close enough for the healing touch to be possible. Additionally, Jesus own humility would have prevented personal pride from being the motivation.

I believe that, as always, Jesus had more that one goal to achieve in his service to the woman and one could be best completed by helping the woman publicly acknowledge her healing.

For twelve years this woman’s malady had consumed her resources and barred her from most of the public life people took for granted. She couldn’t go to church. Her husband, and everyone else, couldn’t even touch her. Long years of sickness and isolation had broken down not only the woman’s body but her heart as well.

Jesus doesn’t just want to make our bodies strong. He wants to heal our hearts as well. Publicly praising God for the grace he’s given us is a strong remedy in the healing of a broken heart.

1 thought on “Who Touched Me?”

  1. This story and post bring tears to my eyes because I can relate to the woman’s suffering. Having had unhealed Lyme disease and associated problems for many years, I wish I could just touch Jesus’ garment and be healed.

    Thank you for this advice that I will take to heart: “Publicly praising God for the grace he’s given us is a strong remedy in the healing of a broken heart.”

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