We’re His Reason

“And when they crucified Him, they divided His garments, casting lots for them to determine what every man should take.” Mark 15:24

A few months ago my family shared in the task of packing up my brothers apartment after his unexpected death. He’d been living alone for the past several years and was not a person to collect a lot of unnecessary belongings. Still, it took us several hours to get everything packed, and loaded, and moved into storage.

Just a few weeks after this my family relocated to a different state to take up a ministry in a new conference. It took us several hours just to load all our belongings into the two uhaul trucks and most of the packing had already been done before hand. Granted we are a family of six. But still I think we have a bit more personal belongs than my brother had.

Compare this with what the soldiers divided at the crucifixion of Jesus. Just the clothes that he’d had on.

I asked myself if there was anything else and I don’t believe there was. He’d left his home in Galilee three years before and had lived moving from place to place ever since. People had given him and his disciples money but that had been spent to care for their needs and the needs of others. His life had been spent helping others not helping himself. The only thing he’d endeavored to collect was a band of disciples that would continue to bear witness for him after he’d gone.

In short, when Jesus died the only thing he left behind was the clothes he had in his back and us.

We were the focus of every part of his life from his living all the way to his dying.

It’s said that the only thing you can take with you to heaven is the life you’ve given him to save. But that’s not quite true. You can also take with you the friends and family you’ve help him to save by your life lived as a witness.

Jesus came to this earth with only one intention. The salvation of the people on this world. And he’s not done. The Holy Spirit, together with Christ’s church, continues to work to this day and we can each do our part to add to the riches Christ came to redeem.

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