“And He went up on the mountain and called to Him those He Himself wanted. And they came to Him.” Mark 3:13

When I was in college I worked in the residence hall as an RA. One week, at the weekly staff meeting, the RA leading the worship that evening chose to have each of the staff say what they admired or appreciated about one of the other staff members. This went on for many minutes with each person first choosing someone to say something about and then that person choosing the next and so on. We had nearly progressed through all the staff when the worship leader became concerned with the amount of time it was taking and decided to end the process. I was one of the three or four that had not yet been chosen and I still remember the sense of loss and disappointment I felt knowing that I would never be chosen.

There is within each one of us a deep and unavoidable need to be wanted and appreciated. So many are hungering for someone to show them or tell them that they are wanted. And in this sinful world there are so many signals of indifference and disrespect sent each day that most of us need reminding or assuring that the message we got yesterday still applies today.

Our focus text tells us that Jesus “called to Him those He Himself wanted.” We don’t know how many were called that day. A few verses later we’re told that Jesus appointed twelve of that group on the mountain to be his disciples. Later on, when he would actually send his disciples out to witness for him a group of 70 were sent out two by two. It’s possible that there were that many or even more on the mountain that day.

When it comes to wanting people, Jesus wanted every person in the world and he was exercising a plan so that he could claim every single man, woman, and child on this earth as his own. Those on the mountain were called that day because they were ready to begin being prepared to be witnesses to Christ. They would be taught to lift up Jesus so that all the world would be drawn to Him.

Each of us has heard the message that we’re wanted by Jesus. Someone has been used by our Savior to pass that message down to us. It’s now Jesus’ desire that we extend the chain of the beloved by sharing with someone else the message that they too are loved and wanted by God. Too many times we cut the witness short and people leave disappointed and hurting, not having heard the words Jesus wanted them to hear. Let’s be faithful and help Jesus show the world that they are wanted.

1 thought on “Wanted”

  1. Such a true observation about being wanted and I can identify with:

    ” I was one of the three or four that had not yet been chosen and I still remember the sense of loss and disappointment I felt knowing that I would never be chosen.”

    Churches and organizations I have been connected with have had birthday lists and it’s me who is forgotten! It’s happened in many other areas and many times too, that I am the one forgotten, so I totally understand!

    Your words, “…help Jesus show the world that they are wanted” are powerful and in today’s world, it is more necessary than ever since so many people feel unwanted for various reasons.

    Thank you!

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