Trusting In God Our Savior

“Truly my soul silently waits for God; from Him comes my salvation.  He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved.”  Psalm 62:1–2

What do you tend to want to rely on for protection and security?

Back when I was in college I began taking self defense classes. It was fun and I was pretty good at it, better than most people I was taking classes with, though not nearly as good as the most gifted. 

Looking back I realize that as I progressively added to my skills in the martial arts I was more and more starting to rely on myself and my own abilities when it came to my safety and security. Then came the day when God made it clear to me that  defending myself wasn’t his plan for me. His plan was that I learn to trust in him above everything else. I knew that I could never learn reliance on God and simultaneously learn self defense so I quit. 

But that’s just one way a person can choose to trust someone or something in place of trusting in God. David mentions several substitutes we might choose:  other people, but he finds them to be “altogether lighter than vapor”. For those tempted in looking to lies, violence, robbery, and riches he counsels, “don’t set your heart on them.”

David learned, having passed through hard trials, and having attempted to trust in almost everything else that these substitutes will fail you. They’ll leave you weak, vulnerable, fearful, and alone. 

God, on the other hand, is a sure defense. He’ll never leave us lonely. He’ll comfort us when everyone and everything else has let us down. He’ll be our strength when everything is as weak as water. He’ll be our courage when everything tells us to be overwhelmed by fear. 

Friends, God is real and as present as whatever threat you have in your life. What’s more he’s stronger, more patient and enduring, and wiser than any foe could ever be. 

Choose today to trust in him. I’m not saying stop earning money or learning martial arts or making friends or anything like that. God’s plan for you may require you to have those things. I have friends that are soldiers and police officers and I believe that they need combat skills to do the job they’ve been called to do.  It I believe they need more. 

David was a rich man and a mighty warrior but he also had learned that ultimately these things will not be enough. The question is will we, once we’ve done our part, be able to wait patiently as God does his part?  Most of our mistakes come because we’ve failed to trust in God when that was the only thing left for us to do. 

Trust in God. Wait patiently on him. He’ll never let you down.

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