The Student Must Teach

“Then He appointed twelve, that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach, ” Mark 3:14

In the Revelation 12:11 the faithful are described as having overcome the attacks of the devil ” by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.” It’s so easy to fall into sense of living where we act as if we believed that we would overcome by the blood of the lamb only. But while it’s true that only the blood of Jesus has the power to save us and cleanse us from sins guilt more is required if we’re going to be victorious over the continued onslaught of Satan’s attack as he tries to regain his captives. Jesus obviously knew the importance of engaging in the witness to others because when he appointed the twelve part of his purpose for them was to send them out to preach.

The effective of deepening the impact of lessons learned through the exercise of the student becoming the teacher can be illustrated by my experience in South Korea. When I went to Korea as a student missionary in the early 1990s my primary job was teaching English. And I spoke very good English, thanks to the faithful correction of my school teacher parents. And while my spoken grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary were excellent; my knowledge of the grammatical rules and spelling were quite poor. In many cases my Korean students knew the rules of English grammar better than I did.

So every day I would prepare for class by relearning the rules I would teach that day. And every day in class I would explain the rules and give examples of proper application of the rules. Gradually, with the combination of study and teaching I’ve become pretty knowledgeable when it come to the basics of English grammar. Teaching, in fact, matured and cemented my understanding of the grammatical rules.

As a pastor, I’ve found that my years of teaching and preaching is producing the same kind of effect in regards to spiritual knowledge. I believe that it’s because of teachings ability to reinforce lessons learned that Jesus included witnessing in the discipling curriculum for the twelve. And I believe that we still need teachings benefits today.

Friends, Jesus is coming soon. Before he comes trials will come that will test or knowledge and faith to the breaking point. Everyday Jesus gives us opportunity to witness for him as part of his preparation of us for that time. Let’s be faithful students and teach as our Savior directs

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