The Spirit Loves You

“And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” Genesis 1:2

It would seem that we might be backtracking a bit but sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves of basic simple truths along the way just to keep ourselves centered and grounded. And one important truth it’s good to emphasize is that the Holy Spirit has been part of our lives since long before we were alive.

Our focus text places the Holy Spirit on the scene at the very beginning when the Godhead was just preparing to begin to speak the world into existence. As we come to the end of creation week and God is preparing to create man we hear the words, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.” Genesis 1:26

Sometimes, with modern science, and taxonomy, and the evolutionary arguments and explanations it easy to just think about the nuts and bolts of our bodies and to think that, overall, we’re not that special when compared to the rest of the creatures that share our planet. But these eleven words reveal to us an important truth about us. We’re created in the image, the likeness, of God. As wonderfully made as all the rest of the creatures roaming this planet are the Godhead didn’t do that with them. And it’s not the nuts and bolts that set us apart. Our anatomies are comparably similar to many other mammals. What makes us different is the pattern. The template used to design us was God. And while we don’t specifically think about this very much the Holy Spirit’s part of the us that we’re created in the image of.

It’s easy to think of being like Jesus. He is after all the Son of Man. And since he said that if we have seen him we have seen the Father, John 14:9, it’s not hard to image our being like the Father. But the Spirit’s a different story. We’ve never seen him.

Yet, we’re created in his image just as much as we’re created in Christ’s. I make this point to give evidence for other even more important ones. The Holy Spirit, the Helper Jesus sent, is not indifferent to us. He understands us every bit as much as Jesus does; we’re made in his image. He’s also deeply invested in us; he helped to create us in his image. So while, yes, Jesus and the Father are said to have sent him to us I think it’s more like they’re all agreeing that the work of salvation up to that stage has been successful and now it’s the Spirit’s time to come and do his part.

So the simple truth is that God the Holy Spirit loves you every bit as much as Jesus does. So reach out to him. Let him in so he can give you every bit of the grace you need to become like Jesus

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