The Cost Of Knowing

“But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Mark 13:32

Being in a position of authority or power can be a very lonely place. People don’t relate to you like a normal person. It can be hard to have people in your life that are just your friends. As a result, many times you don’t get to have normal conversations like you might have with someone who is of a similar rank to you. This is just one example but other aspects of life can be affected as well and the result is that the person in leadership can end up being lonely.

I wonder what it’s like for God to be God. There’s no possible position anyone could be in that is of greater power and authority than that of God. Does he find being God lonely?

Perhaps the Father, more than the Son and the Holy Spirit, is in a position where loneliness might be a risk. It appears that the Godhead has taken roles in how they relate to their creation and the Father occupies that role where the power, majesty, glory, and holiness are displayed and personified. Christ has demonstrated God’s desire for and capacity for oneness with his creation. The Holy Spirit demonstrates God’s desire and ability to be always with us helping and sustaining.

I can imagine that the Father might be, at least when it comes to salvation, mostly an observer. (I write this recognizing that there’s probably a lot that goes on that I don’t know about or understand but I can only write about the part I know.)

Having imagined the possibility of the Father’s loneliness, as he waits on the sidelines while the plan of salvation unfolds, I take comfort that there is a part of the process that only he’s knowledgeable of. Could the Son or the Holy Spirit gain this knowledge? I think they could. They are after all also God. But they don’t gain this knowledge and it’s probably by conscious choice that they don’t. They know the Father. They know that he loves us and yearns for us as he waits. They know that the waiting is perhaps harder for him than it is for them. So they grant that in his position he would have one advantage to help with the waiting. He knows when it will end.

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