Protecting Marriage

“You shall not commit adultery.” Exodus 20:14

Genesis chapter one tells us that the world was created by the word of the Lord, and the breath of his mouth, in six days. On the sixth day, after God had spoken and caused the world to be filled with all kinds of land dwelling creatures the Godhead did something they’d not done on the previous five days. They got their hands dirty as they fashioned the body of the first man and later the first woman.

With all the other creatures, whether insect, reptile, bird, or mammal, the males and the females had been created at the same time but with humanity it was to be different. In most species of animals no particular bond binds males and females together but God wanted the relationship between one human and another, and especially between a man and his wife to be different, to be special. For this to happen Adam needed to experience the reality that something vital and necessary was missing when he didn’t have a companion and mate as a part of his life.

God’s created all us to need a bond with him. I believe that he’s also created most, if not all of us, to need a bond with a husband or wife. This need for a companion and mate is something that we could easily be unconscious of and in our distraction and obliviousness take for granted. To reduce this danger for Adam, God didn’t created Eve until several hours after he’d created Adam and in that time Adam had noticed, and begun to yearn for a companion for himself like all the other creatures had.

When scripture talks about the relationship that exists between husband and wife it says that they’re one flesh. There’s to be a unity between man and woman in a marriage where the needs of the other are seen as a personal need by their spouse. If the wife has a need the impulse of the husband is to meet it. If the husband has a need the response of the wife is to meet that need. They’re both in tune with one another and they’re both responsive to one another. They’re one flesh.

But sin works counter to the working of the Lord and Satan works to destroy whatever God’s created.

In marriage and the family, God’s given to people an experience closely approximating the unity of experience the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have with each other and Satan in his warfare against all things good and godly can’t allow this to stand.

God would protect this precious gift if he can. He would, if we’ll cooperate with him, preserve for us the great blessing of marriage but he can’t do this if we’re attacking it ourselves.

Just like we can’t have the blessing of God as our God if we’re worshiping other gods, we can’t truly have the blessing of a husband or a wife if we’re bringing other people to the marriage bed, or as competition to the marriage relationship.

To protect the blessing of marriage God commanded us to not commit adultery.

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