Power To Heal

“Then He appointed twelve, that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach, and to have power to heal sicknesses…” Mark 3:14-15

If I’d been covering this verse according to its order this entry ought to have been written before yesterday’s post but it now appears that yesterday’s accident may have been God’s leading.

There’s so much sickness and pain in this world. Just last night one of my church members took a fall from a ladder that will most likely leave him with permanent paralysis. While at the hospital I was speaking with others that were waiting for news and there were other ailments to talk about: high blood pressure, low blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, the list goes on.

Inside my own home and church community there are scores of cases needing the healing hand of God. At present I know two pastors whose spouses have terminal brain cancer. In both cases there is nothing that medical science can do to alter the fact that this cancer will take the life of a loving parent and spouse.

Between disease, illness and injury this world is overwhelmed with suffering. When Jesus walked the roads of Galilee the people flocked to see him, bringing their sick and lame so that he could heal them. There was no condition, save unbelief, that the power of Christ could not set right. And when he called the disciples part of his purpose for them was that they also join him in his healing work.

I don’t know if God has adjusted his methods to accommodate the hearts of the 21st century, I only know that I have seen that God is able to still work mightily, through his modern disciples, to heal broken and diseased today. And how the world needs God’s healing. As much as we’ve learned about mending the human body there’s still so much that medicine can’t repair.

Christ, through the Holy Spirit, endowed the disciples with the power of God to heal and he can do the same today. O Lord, grant us the faith to believe and accept your will and your power to bring healing to the suffering in this world.

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