“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”  Matthew 5:9

I’m not sure many of us can really understand what peace is. Most of us simply don’t have any valid experiential reference point that can serve as a standard by which we can recognize what true peace really is. 

The peace Jesus is talking about can’t be what we would ordinarily expect it to be. John chapter fourteen verse twenty-seven records Jesus telling his disciples just hours before he would be arrested in the garden that he was leaving his peace with them, and he adds that this peace isn’t like the peace the world gives. 

We’re familiar with the world’s version of peace but Jesus has something more precious, more pure to give. 

Everyday he lived each moment submitted to the will and the purpose of the Father. Everyday he spoke and acted knowing that the words he said and the works he performed fulfilled an eternal purpose. He was helping people find the acceptance, forgiveness, transformation and hope that heaven was offering. He was helping the lost and desolate to find their way back to their Heavenly Father and to achieve victory over the mountain of trials and sins that had been smothering all the meaning and joy out of their lives. In Jesus, in the message he preached, in the healing he freely gave, in his unconditional acceptance and love they found a source of uninterrupted peace. 

Jesus didn’t just abide in the peace he had. He shared that peace with any who would receive it. In this he was a peacemaker. 

It’s our privilege to also be peacemakers. As we’ve freely found acceptance we’re called to proclaim that acceptance to a world full of rejection. As we’ve found forgiveness we’re called to proclaim forgiveness to a world living in fear of condemnation. As our lives have been changed by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit we’re called to bear witness to that hope for change to a world locked in cycles of destruction and futility. As we have found hope, not just for today but for eternity, we’re called to proclaim that hope to a world fill with fear. 

Jesus is calling you today to be a peacemaker.  As a son or daughter of God he’s calling you to multiply his presence and his peace in this world. 

Christ has overcome the world so we don’t need to fear the troubles we encounter here. Christ has overcome the world so we don’t need to remain trapped in the sin and meaninglessness we’re so often caught in. Christ is coming soon to take us to himself so we don’t have to be anxious about the future of this planet. 

Because of Jesus we have peace. Because we have Jesus we have peace to give. 

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