Only Time With Jesus

“Then He appointed twelve, that they might be with Him…” Mark 3:14

It’s said that when it comes to physical health that you are what you eat. Well, when it comes to spiritual health, I believe that the Bible tells us that, we are like what we are with.

Now I’m not trying to make an argument against video games, however, Cheryl and I noticed with our children that when they’d played them for a while there was a change in their attitudes and behavior, and not for the better. You’d think that a person would get along with the ones they’d just spent time playing with but that’s not the way it worked. So much arguing and fighting.

And the same rule about time holds true when it comes to the people we spend time with, and the places we go to, and the others kinds of activities we do. We’re like what we spend our time with.

That’s why when Jesus appointed the twelve the first thing he appointed them to do was to spend time with him. This wasn’t just some symbolic privilege that told the world that these men held a higher rank than others. Jesus couldn’t care less about rank, but he did know that if his disciples were going to become the people he and the world needed them to be they had to spend time with him.

I’ve heard it said that when it comes to character development most of the lessons and values we learn are “caught not taught.” This is just a clever way of saying to teachers, preachers, and parents, that the majority of the lessons we teach, we teach because of the kind of person we are and not by the things that we carefully plan to say.

It seems that this aspect of human nature has remained unchanged over the millennia and Jesus, in his preparing of the twelve disciples for the work they were being called to do, leveraged this reality into a training asset. The first ingredient of a disciple of Christ would be that they would spend time with Jesus.

How much time do you spend with Jesus? It doesn’t have to be alone time but it does have to be Jesus time. Only time with Jesus will meet the needs of your life and satisfy the spiritual hungering and thirsting you have. Only time with Jesus will transform you into a mature son or daughter of God. Only time with Jesus will clean off the rough surfaces sin has left on your life and make you blameless, without blemish. Only time with Jesus.

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