Numbered With Transgressors

“With Him they also crucified two robbers, one on His right and the other on His left. So the Scripture was fulfilled which says, ‘And He was numbered with the transgressors.’ ” Mark 15:27-28

There’s one vital requirement every person needs to present if we’re ever to pass through the gate leading into paradise. We need to present the record of a perfect life. And we never can on our own. Each and everyone of us has lived a life liberally salted with sinful actions and totally saturated with sinful motives and attitudes.

Our sinful natures are like the Labrador Retrievers tail wagging reflex response. Spontaneous and uncontrollable.

My aunt had a Black Lab when I was a kid that would beat its tail so hard that people would complain of bruised legs and more than once objects had been broken by her immoderate tail wagging.

Recently, a heard about a Black Lab that had repeatedly broken its own tail due to the tail wagging reflex.

Each of us has an out of control sinful nature and in our drive to satisfy it, like the Labs tail wagging reflex, we hurt others and we injure ourselves.

Jesus came to lived a life under the same circumstances in which we live, and to be tempted in all point as we are, so that he could purchase our forgiveness and provide us with a record of perfect righteousness.

No matter what you’ve experienced, no matter what circumstances you’ve been through, you’ll find that Christ’s record of perfect submission, obedience, and righteousness has you covered. You’ll also find, as you continue to live your life, that he is truly able to keep you from falling.

He’s been there, he’s been victorious through that. What’s more he’ll never hold his success over you in boast or ridicule. Instead, he’ll hold his victory out to you because his purpose has always been that you would share that victory with him.

He was numbered with transgressors so that we could be numbered with the righteous.

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