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“…And having received from the Father the promise of the Holy Spirit…” Acts 2:33

Some people have commented on the various skills I have in home repair. Carpentry, minor electrical, plumbing, drywall, and painting. And while it’s true that I did work for a framing contractor, for about a year, while I was in the seminary; largely my handyman skills were picked up in the process of renovating three homes our family has owned over the years.

The first house Cheryl and I bought was a small, white farm house, in the hills of upstate New York, not far from Cooperstown. In the nearly five years we lived in that house we upgraded almost every room: completely changing out the kitchen, transforming the bathroom, and gutting and re-drywalling three of the four bedrooms and a play area. Additionally, we changed the furnace, and the plumbing, and completely resided the outside.

Then came the upgrading of the electric service. You see, when electricity had been added to the house, several decades earlier, the electrical needs of most Americans was much less than they are today. So the 60 amp service was way to low. As a result, we had to be very careful In how we used the electricity or we would be tripping breakers all over the house. What we needed, if we were going to be set to move into the 21 century, was more power.

And more power is what Jesus knew his church needed if we were going to be able to fulfill his mission to an ever changing, always increasing world population. How do we adjust? How do we adapt? How are we even going to know where to start? There is only one way. We need more help, we need more guidance, and we need more power.

So Jesus promised us more power. Acts 1:8 says, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you…” The Greek word translated power in this passage is the same word we get the word dynamite from. Jesus wasn’t promising us a little more power; he was pledging to supply the world with a God sized power station, the Holy Spirit.

The disciples welcomed the Holy Spirit and received his power and the book of Acts records the rapid growth, and decisive work of those Spirit filled men. The world needs the presence of Spirit filled men and women just as much to day. Long ago Jesus fulfilled his promise. The Spirit, with all his power, is still here today. All that is needed is for you and I to say, yes, and we’ll receive the Holy Spirit too

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