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Peter Piliero

Peter brings many years of dedication and experience to his invaluable service to the church as organist and Head Deacon.

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Head Deacon

Myrta Rosario

Having served in the background for many years, Myrta now takes a leadership role at Danbury-Bethel as the head of our Deaconess Ministry.

Head Deaconess

Paul & Judith Stanislas

Experienced Master Guides, the Stanislas' bring experience and enthusiasm to their role.

Pathfinder Directors

Carol Piliero

Gerde brings experience and compassion to her work as our Health Ministry Leader.

Health Ministry

Hector Perez

Energetic and thoughtful, Hector brings a perfect leadership balance to the Kadesh Youth Leadership team.

Kadesh Leader

Ted Robertson

In addition to a love of music, Ted brings personal warmth and patience to his work as Choir Director and Music Ministry Leader.

Music Ministry

Josue Casildo

His love for his own family fuels Josue's dedication and focus as our Family Ministries Leader.

Family Ministry

Anny Peralta

It takes many hands to organize a picnic or a banquet. And as Social Committee Leader, Anny is just the one help all those hands work together.

Social Committee

Steven & Ashley Sikora

Steven and Ashley Sikora serve as the church's communications team which includes helping with social media, website & graphic design.


Kem Rose

Head Elder - Personal Ministries Director

Head Elder

Jennifer Reid

Head Elder - Administrative Director

Head Elder

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