Listening to Jesus

“For you have the poor with you always, and whenever you wish you may do them good; but Me you do not have always.” Mark 14:7

Many times in life we’re asked to chose between two or more good and important things. And the choice we make doesn’t necessarily demonstrate which is most valuable or most important. Our choice demonstrates first, the reality that we can’t do everything and second, it demonstrates our opinion regarding which choice fits best in the present and future of who we are and the plans we have.

And then comes those times when a special opportunity is before us. This opportunity is totally unique. It’s something that will likely never be repeated. On the surface and perhaps even miles below the surface it doesn’t line up with anything else going on in our lives but, nevertheless, here it is.

Jesus had been trying to prepare his disciples for he trials of his crucifixion and death, events that were about to come upon them. But up to this point his disciples had been disinclined to listen. All except Mary.

If you knew that someone close to you was going to die within a week or two what would your focus be centered on? And under these circumstances you’d probably also be understanding if someone else went to some expense to show their love and care for the person that was going to die. Yet as Jesus was quickly approaching the last hours of his earthly ministry his disciples were choosing to engage in criticizing how other followers were honoring him and turning their thoughts to the care of the poor.

Friends, there’s important, and caring for the poor is important. But there’re also opportunities that are once in a lifetime opportunities to serve God. In this case it was a once in all of earth’s history kind of opportunity.

The disciples missed this once in earth’s history opportunity because they hadn’t been listening to Jesus. And because they weren’t listening they were focused on those things that were usually important. Mary was listening to Jesus. That’s why she was the only one of his followers to honor our Savior’s gift of his life before he gave it.

Are you listening to Jesus?

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