Let Her Alone

“But Jesus said, ‘Let her alone. Why do you trouble her? She has done a good work for Me.’ ” Mark 14:6

It’s happened before. It’ll probably happen again. You’ve just done your best to serve Jesus and his church and up steps someone to shame you and criticize what you’ve done.

If you think about it, that would be like the other students in a class thinking they’re qualified to critique and grade their fellow students papers. When there’s more that you don’t know about something than what you do know you’re in no position to be handing out unasked for criticism and there’s never any appropriate time for God’s people to shame one another for their best act of service for God.

In John 17, Jesus asks his Father twice to make his people one just like he and the Father are one. I believe that the Father has been doing everything he can to give Jesus a “yes” for his request. I also believe that the devil has been working to make sure that Jesus gets a “no”. Given the condition of the church in many places I sometimes wonder which one church members are trying to help give Jesus the answer to his request, the Father or the Devil. Because many people seem to be spending more time tearing into one another than they are building one another up.

“But I just want what’s best for the church, to help it grow.” Is often the reason given for criticisms rendered.

Listen to me. We have no ability to grow God’s church. Nowhere in scripture does God command us to grow his church. Growing God’s church is something that Jesus promises he will do. But while we’re not able to grow the church Jesus has given us the ability to build up people. We can encourage people with our patience, our kindness, and our affirmation. We can heal their sin battered lives with our kindness, our joy, and our love. And if we will do this we will be laboring with the Father to give Jesus the “yes” he prayed for just minutes before he agonized over our salvation in the garden.

Friends, when someone in church does something for Christ or his church and it’s not what you might have done or wanted done and you’re tempted to offer a response, I refer you to Christ’s words to his disciples, “Let her, or him, alone.”

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