It Takes God In Us

“Thus Moses did; according to all that the Lord had commanded him, so he did. And it came to pass in the first month of the second year, on the first day of the month, that the tabernacle was raised up.” Exodus 40:16-17

For this final post about the book of Exodus we’ve skipped several chapters. The reason for this is because these last several chapters recount how Moses and the children of Israel carefully follow the instructions God had given. And since I’ve already commented on those instructions there’s really nothing left for me to write about the tabernacle and it’s services as they’re presented in the book of Exodus. So we move to the completion of the tabernacle.

The craftsmen and artisans, filled with the Holy Spirit, had completed their work. All the boards had been joined and covered with gold. The curtains had been woven for both the tabernacle and the court. The furniture had been fashioned: the ark of the testimony, the altar of incense, the table of shewbread, the lamp stand, the laver, and the altar of sacrifice.

God had given specific instructions for the tabernacle’s setup and these were followed as well. First the tabernacle and the veil for the court were setup, then the ark was put in its place, next the veil was hung separating the ark from the rest of the tabernacle, after that the table of shewbread, and the lamp stand, and the altar of incense were put in place and incense was offered upon the altar. Next the altar of sacrifice was placed before the door of the tabernacle and sacrifices were offered upon it according to the instructions God had given. Finally the bronze laver was put in place between the altar and the tabernacle and filled with water. These were all anointed with oil and from that day forward were made holy by God.

Once the sanctuary was complete Aaron and his sons were dressed in their priestly vestments, sacrifices were offered, and they too were anointed with oil.

When all was complete God’s presence came and filled the tabernacle. So intense was his presence that Moses was unable to enter.

God is waiting to accept you as you present yourself to him to be his tabernacle. On our own we can never be worthy of him. The children of Israel were only able to present a suitable dwelling place because they’d had the help of the Holy Spirit as they followed God’s instructions. We’re in the building stage as we too seek for the Holy Spirit to do a work in us so that we can obediently do all that God has told us to do so that we can be acceptable to him. All this, together with the cleansing blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, will be acceptable but we have to remember that we can’t do it on our own.

It takes God in us for us to do God’s work.

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