I’m So Glad God’s Patient

“Then Moses said to the Lord, ‘O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither before nor since You have spoken to Your servant; but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue.’ ” Exodus 4:10

God’s commanded Moses to go back to Egypt and lead the people as they return to Canaan. Moses initially didn’t raise any objections, instead, asking questions like: What do I tell the people if they ask me what your name is? And what if I tell them and they still don’t believe me?

God was patient with Moses’ questions and gave him answers to them telling him his name and providing him with miraculous signs to demonstrate his legitimacy. God even told Moses that he would do other signs and wonders because he was sure that Pharaoh wouldn’t believe and set the children of Israel free but that in the end he would let them go and they would be sent out with gifts.

It’s at this point Moses raises an objection about his ability to speak in public. So God assures Moses that, as the Creator, he’s able to give him the ability to over come any deficiency but Moses still tells God to send someone else.

Scripture now says that God became angry with Moses but God doesn’t lash out in his anger, like we might do, instead he tells Moses that his bother Aaron is on his way and that Aaron will be a mouth piece for Moses even as Moses is a mouth piece for God.

I think it’s sad that knowing that God was with him, and leading him, and equipping him, was not enough for Moses. I’m also deeply comforted that God, even though Moses faithless insecurity angered him, didn’t punish or set Moses aside because of his doubts and slowness, instead he made allowances enabling Moses to, in spite of his fears, begin the tasked he was called to.

God’s calling us. He’s coming soon and he has a people trapped in slavery to a false system of religion and we’re his mouth pieces sent to them to say, “Come out of her my people.” God won’t give us any special signs, more than enough to give credibility are recorded in scripture. Additionally, we’re promised the Holy Spirit and he, along with the message of the gospel and our obedience to God’s word, are enough.

We’re called individually but we’re not called to labor alone. A whole church is called to work together to take this message to the whole world.

God won’t allow anyone who might be saved to be lost for want of having been called and he’s telling us to be his voice. Will you accept his commission? Will you receive the Holy Spirit and all the equipping he provides? Will you add your voice to all those already giving the invitation to come?

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