He’s God! But Is He Yours?

“Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples!  Shout to God with the voice of triumph!  For the Lord Most High is awesome; He is a great King over all the earth.”  Psalm 47:1–2

When God called Abram to himself very few people in all the earth recognized him as God. Yet even then God was Lord and King over all the earth. Over the centuries since that time circumstances and the state of belief in the world has varied regarding God’s recognition in the world.  In fact, there was a time when it seemed that the world was poised to have an overwhelming majority of peoples acknowledging God and giving their praise and worship to him but now it feels as if the tide of popular recognition of God as God has turned in favor of the skeptics.  

But it occurs to me that all of this doesn’t change reality even one iota. God doesn’t need us to know him, and recognize him, and worship him in order to be God over all the earth. Regardless what we think of him he remains who he is, and he is God, creator of heaven and earth, sustainer of all that there is, sovereign of all peoples, possessor of all.

God doesn’t need our worship and faith to make this true. He’s demonstrated this repeatedly in the scriptures and continues to reveal it to those who believe to this day. 

God protected Abram’s wife, Sarah, when she had been taken from him and claimed by Pharaoh, monarch over all Egypt. Egyptians believed their land was governed and protected by hundreds of gods with Pharaoh himself being the son of the god Ra, yet this didn’t prevent God from forcing Pharaoh to restore Sarah back to Abram. 

Joseph, son of Jacob, was violently taken from his place as the favored son of a rich nomadic prince and sold as a slave in Egypt. Yet in all his years in Egypt, first as a slave, next as a prisoner and finally as the second most powerful man in the land it was recognized that all Joseph’s successes were the result of God’s hand of blessing being over him, prospering everything that he did. 

The prophet Daniel had a similar experiences during his life of service first in the court of the Babylonian empire and later in the court of the Medo-Persian governor Darius. 

God demonstrated his sovereignty over the unbelieving rulers during the times of all three of these men. 

Whether or not God is God over all the earth is not something that’s open for debate. Oh, the philosophers, scientists, and other scholars of the world may debate the subject but their recognition isn’t required to make it so and the absence of their acknowledgement in no way diminishes God. You see we have no choice as to whether or not God is God over the universe.   He is God whether we choose him or not. 

But we do get a choice as to whether he’s God of our hearts our not. God’s given us the right to make that choice and he’s been working to convince us to change our minds and to decide to choose him ever since we turned away from him in the Garden of Eden. God’s love for us gave us this choice, God’s love for us caused him to send Jesus to win our salvation, and God’s love for us continues to drive him to work to convince us to love him in return.

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