Guarding Our Connection With God

“Take heed to yourself, lest you make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land where you are going, lest it be a snare in your midst.” Exodus 34:12

When you have a relationship with God it effects all the other relationships you have in your life. The thing is all those other relationships can also effect your relationship with God.

You see when it comes to relationships most of us aren’t much different from teenagers.

When I was in seminary one of the classes I took was on ministering to young people and one of the things they taught us is that every teenager has a powerful drive to be part of a peer group, that is, a group of people their own age. This drive is so strong that sociologists divide teenagers into only two groups relative to this need: those in a peer group and those wanting to be in a peer group.

The thing is, depending on the make up, and character of the peer group the young person is trying to be a part of that group can dramatically impact other important relationships in a teenagers life. Many parents have felt that they were in a continual battle between the values they were attempting to govern their families by and the desires and demands made upon their teenagers if they were going to just fit in with a peer group.

So much of the harmony we experience in life depends on the relationships we choose. God knew this this that’s why he command the children of Israel to, in essence, guard themselves from entering into covenants with non-Israelite people. Whether it was a covenant established for business, or security, or marriage, and sometimes these three motives could be mixed together, there was a danger that that relationship could draw God’s people away from him and into a relationship with a false god.

There’s no relationship in our lives more important than the relationship we have with God, and our willingness to sacrifice for him demonstrates how greatly we value our connection to him. Far too often we devalue the worth of our Heavenly Father’s place in our lives by putting it at risk as we court the favor of other connections and strengthen connections with people that don’t themselves value a relationship with God.

Is your relationship with God worth less than a promotion or a raise at work, inclusion in a exclusive social set, or the attention of a charming, attractive but spiritually indifferent companion? The choices we make demonstrate how much or how little we value God’s place in our lives.

God loves us with an everlasting love and when he gave his own Son, Jesus, to die and purchase our salvation he established just how important a relationship with us is to him. The value of such a sacrifice is incalculable.

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