Freedom in Truth

“Now King Herod heard of Him, for His name had become well known. And he said, ‘John the Baptist is risen from the dead, and therefore these powers are at work in him.’ ” Mark 6:14

Have you ever done something you ought not to have done and believed you would never be held accountable for it? I’m going to let everyone in on a truth. There are always consequences in store when we do the wrong thing. Truth and justice always have a way of rising to the surface and making themselves seen and heard.

It may be that no one else ever knows or recognizes what they’re seeing or perhaps they don’t attribute the misdeed with you. Still you know and you, by your own actions, will in someway alter your behavior to keep your secret hidden and in so doing hold yourself accountable.

The only people who are truly free are the honest and innocent. The innocent don’t need to keep anything secret and the honest don’t have the difficulty of keeping their lies coordinated.

King Herod was neither honest nor innocent. Having stolen his brothers wife he compounded his sins by murdering John the Baptist for the crime of calling his sin what it was. And now Jesus appears, preaching the kingdom of God like John and performing mighty miracles as well. What is the guilty response of Herod? The righteous John must have come back from the dead.

The apostle John, in his first epistle tells us that, “God is light and in him there is no darkness at all.” The apostle then calls those that believe in Jesus to, “walk in the light.”

The only waypoints walk in the light, to live life free from a guilty conscience, is to live a life of truth and righteousness. Without it we are compelled to live lives of secrets and lies. There is no bond more confining than the chains we make with our own secrets and lies. And there is no freedom sweeter than the freedom we find when we come to Jesus without deceit and find forgiveness as we join our lives with his.

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