First We Need A Leader

“And I said to the king, ‘If it pleases the king, and if your servant has found favor in your sight, I ask that you send me to Judah, to the city of my fathers’ tombs, that I may rebuild it.’ ” Nehemiah 2:5

The bigger the project the more preparation is required.

There’s a vision for the project that has to be defined and communicated. There’re plans, specific plans, to be made: what materials are needed, where will it all be sourced from, who will transport the materials, how many workers are needed, what skills do they need to have, where will the workers lodge during the project, where will the food necessary to feed everyone come from and who will prepare it, is security needed and how much security is required, etc., etc.

Depending on the project, the list of required things that need to be planned for can become enormous. But there’s one part of the whole process upon which the entire project rises and falls that hasn’t been mentioned.

Every project needs a leader that can win the support of all the people required to get it completed.

As a Pastor, I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how great an idea is. It doesn’t matter how much of a benefit and blessing some task, activity, or program could be. If you don’t have a committed leader to faithfully and passionately guide it across the finish line you may as well not even try because without that person to keep everyone and everything coordinated and on task you’re asking for nothing but frustration and failure. And if it’s hard to get something new going in the first place it’s even harder to generate enthusiasm for a project if you’ve already tried it and failed. And the surest way to ensure failure is to have no one leading in the first place.

God began the work of rebuilding both Jerusalem and the people of Israel as a nation by calling a man, Nehemiah, to be their leader. The preparation of Nehemiah and the clearing of the way for him to be free to do the task set before him was the most important part of the whole process. Many things could proceed in a variety of ways and the end would be basically the same but if you change the leader, potentially you change the vision of the outcome and you change the entire project. Nehemiah, as a God called, God prepared, God centered leader was the key to success.

It may be that God’s called, or is in the process of calling, you to be a leader for him. There’s something that needs to be done for which, at least in part, or for a season, he’s prepared you to be his leader.

You may see all the resources required and the challenges to be overcome and be tempted to give up before you even begin but consider this: the most essential part has already been taken care of. He’s already found the leader he needs. He’s found you. Will you prayerfully say yes, and with much prayer do what he’s calling you to do?

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