First Things First

“And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations.” Mark 13:10

One stereotype about men that’s commonly portrayed with comical results is the one where we don’t read instructions. You’ve seen the advertisements of the guy putting together the swing set, or the Christmas special of the father putting together the bicycle. A complete disaster.

The truth is, for some things to turn out right, certain things have to happen in a certain order. The only way to know what those things are requires that you understand the project and the only way to be certain that you understand the project is to either read or be told the instructions.

God, as he, according to his wisdom and sovereignty, works out his plan for the saving of the world from sin, moves his plan forward in an orderly way. In the salvation of each individual there are specific types of actions and processes that happen and they follow a predicable order. And when it comes to the global events, progressing toward the climax of the second coming of Christ, there is in the midst of the chaos a divinely appointed order. And one of those points of order is that before the final persecution of God’s people they will preach the gospel to all the nations of the world.

This is essential to God’s plan. After all, it’s called The Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel is the essential, informational component that tells us how we can individually receive the salvation God is providing.

So many times we get distracted by all the terrible things prophecy says that sinful men will do to the God fearing. But God didn’t tells us about them because he wants us to focus on them. God’s purpose in telling us about the great trials ahead was so that we won’t be distracted by them and in our fear and discouragement lose heart and lose our focus in being the proclaimers of the Gospel he’s appointed us to be.

When Jesus came as Savior to this world he knew how is earthly ministry would end; yet, with joy he faced each day and focused on the work God had given him for that day and let the Father take care of ordering the trials that would come. We need to pray for a heart like Jesus’. We need to ask the Holy Spirit to help us put first things first as we each do our part in preparing for Christ’s return.

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