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“In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother.  For this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.” 1 John 3:10-11

What is the essence of righteousness?

As a child going up I would have probably told you obedience.

If you’d asked most of the first century Jewish population what the essence of righteousness was they would’ve probably said that it was obedience too. The reason for this is obedience to the demands and dictates to the Law was the focus of their lives.

But what was the essence, and focus, of the life Jesus lived as he gave us an example of what a righteous life ought to be like?

Jesus seemed to wake up every morning with one question on his mind, “What am I gong to do today to show people that I and my Father love them?”

And then he filled his days with healing peoples hurts, blessing their children, forgiving their sins, raising their dead, and communicating God’s acceptance.

I think we focus far too much on stopping doing the wrong things. When I say this I’m not saying that we shouldn’t exert effort in overcoming the evil and hurtful habits that far too often control our live. Too frequently those habits are like addictions controlling our lives and unless there’s a concentrated effort to overcome them they’ll destroy us and possibly even those around us. But I also think that an important part of an over comers strategy will be to fill his, or her, day so full of living a loving life, always looking for new ways to love and new people to show that love to, that there’s little room left for our sinful dysfunctions to show themselves.

It sounds simple but it’s not easy. The drive of the sinful heart is to serve self. And the focus of God’s love is to serve others. Every step as we move toward righteousness is a step against the current of self that rushes at us. But there’s joy in the effort, and peace, and hope.

Jesus has already shown us that it’s possible to be victorious in the face of the rushing tide of self that infects our world. He proved to us that there’s joy in the journey, albeit mingled with pain and difficulty. And he’s promised us that if we’re born of him, if we’re children of God, we have heaven’s help to guide our way and strengthen our steps.

Let’s fill today with love.

4 thoughts on “Fill Today With Love”

  1. Totally agree! Fill today with love!

    When I was very young, that was when my goal began: to do what I could to help and love others. Maybe I was six years old when I started drying dishes for 10 people in the family and doing other things to help. I tried to be kind and nice to all the people in my life. I took care of myself and my school work and everything I was supposed to. What I discovered was that love doesn’t return back from most people, but even so, it’s still my goal. Not only does love not get returned, but we can have people dislike and hate us, even when we do our best to love and care for others. And I still choose to love- as you say even with pain and difficulty.

    One day we will trade our pain and suffering for a life of joy and love. That’s enough motivation to hold onto our faith to one day be with God and Jesus forever and never again suffer. We are told it will be worth it and I believe it.

    Thank you for these inspiring posts.

    1. So true. Many times the love we give isn’t returned. That’s why it’s so important that we remember that our love begins with Jesus first loving us. We didn’t start the cascade of love. Ours is just one of the many beautiful ripples that keep the current of Jesus love flowing to others that need to see it.

      1. So with Jesus and God loving us, that should be all we need. If we get any love beyond that, it’s a bonus.

        Thank you for the reminder!

        1. We’ll always want, perhaps even need, to have love communicated from family and friends but that love will always be given inconsistently and insufficiently. It’s only from God that we have a source of love that we can count on.

          Setting our expectations to match the reality we live in is a good way to keep ourselves from being too deeply hurt by life’s disappointments.

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