Fearful But Following

“Now they were on the road, going up to Jerusalem, and Jesus was going before them; and they were amazed. And as they followed they were afraid.” Mark 10:32

If you were to search through the photos of me on my Facebook page you would find one of me jumping off of a thirty foot rocky out cropping into a lake. What the picture fails to capture are the several minutes it took me to scrape together the nerve to to make the thrilling but completely harmless leap.

I’ve always had this fear of jumping from high places. When I was just a child three or four feet were all that was required to qualify has high. Since I became a teenager the distance has increased to ten or twelve feet. And it’s not that I’m afraid something bad will happen. I know it’s completely safe. But overcoming the instinct to keep myself some place where I’m completely in control and jump takes a great deal of nerve.

Jesus has already told his disciples that he will be arrested and killed and after three days he will raise from the grave when he goes to Jerusalem. All of this seems to be incomprehensible to them but they know the Jewish leaders hate him so they fear to go anywhere near Jerusalem.

But Jesus is leading and fearful or not they follow.

Do you understand where Jesus is leading you? As you follow him are you fearful?

There’s a lot of what Jesus has told us that’s difficult to understand. It’s understandable if you might be confused or uncertain. It’s also understandable if you might be feeling some fear as you look ahead down the road that you know will require limitless faith to traverse.

But will you, confusion and fear notwithstanding, like the disciples, also follow Jesus down this road? The disciples went because that was where Jesus was going. And where he went they followed. In the book of Revelation the remnant are described as those who follow the lamb wherever he goes. Will you be part of that final throng of Jesus disciples? Will you follow?

3 thoughts on “Fearful But Following”

  1. Thank you for this post. I was thinking about some of these things this morning.

    As I lay in bed this morning, I was thinking about the last decades of my life. Most of these years, I have been a Christian, and hardly any of my life makes sense to me. At many steps in my life something else could have happened to prevent some bad things from happening. But good things didn’t intervene and the consequences have been painful. No matter what has happened, I am still grateful to know God.

    So when you ask the question, “Do you understand where Jesus is leading you?” I would say, “Spiritually I am growing to become more loving, caring and patient”. And isn’t that what is most important?

    Some people don’t realize how you can grow up with a biological family of ten people and be very alone emotionally and the heavy toll that takes on a person. It’s been a long time since I’ve had anything to do with my biological family, so that’s all gone. Since then, there have been few happy, shared experiences, such as when I raised and homeschooled my son, or when we had people over to the house, or when grandkids visit, but mostly I have been alone.

    Even so, yes, I still want to be a follower of Jesus.

    And my granddaughter is teaching me precious, important lessons. She still likes to hear God stories at night when she visits. When I start a story, if it is a repeat, she can finish it. She recently wrote me a birthday card and it was the message on the envelope that is amazing. She writes:

    “Stay Happy, Stay Great, Stay Playful, xoxo”. “The Summer started, I love you grandma”. On the back of the envelope she wrote, “You love God like me” and she put an oogly eye on the envelope to watch over me. In church yesterday, we sang a song that said something about loving God, and I thought back to Lily’s statement, “You love God like me” and realized how hard it’s been for me to love God. I like going to church, I like God, and the study of the scriptures is one of my favorite things to do. But my heart’s been broken so very many times from real abuse and neglect of all kinds from many people, that it’s been hard to love God-even though I know He loves me.

    It is my granddaughter’s love and affection for me, and for God, that is helping me heal. That little girl is one of the most precious gifts in my life.

    These posts are a blessing too. Thank you very much!

    1. The paths our lives follow on this earth and be extremely hard. But even the hard paths, and some times especially the hard paths, have the most precious blessings and vistas.

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