“And Samuel said to all the people, ‘Do you see him whom the Lord has chosen, that there is no one like him among all the people?’  So all the people shouted and said, ’Long live the king!’”  1 Samuel 10:24

Everything had gone far beyond the reach of believable for Saul the son of Kish.

A few days before he and a servant had gone out in search of three lost donkeys and after looking far and wide they find out that their donkeys have already been found, but Saul learns something even more important. Saul finds out that God has told Samuel that he’s chosen him to be the first King of Israel. 

Just to be clear, there were two possible types of kings that Saul could become: the first was, in Hebrew called a Melek, this is what we usually think of when we think of a king; the second was called a Nagid and he was more of a military commander-in-chief. It was the second type that Saul was anointed as. 

Still Saul was just a farmer; a tall, good looking farmer, but still just a farmer and the idea that he was now the royal commander-in-chief of the armies of Israel was over whelming and too much to be believed.  So God had a day all set up for him filled with signs designed to convince him that he was really God’s chosen. 

But Saul’s not the only one needing to be convinced. All of Israel needs to see and know that Saul is God’s chosen. So Samuel calls all the tribes of Israel to assemble a Mizpah and when they were all in place lots were cast. First the tribe of Benjamin was drawn, Saul’s tribe. Then the family of Matri was chosen, Saul’s family. And finally Saul’s name was drawn. 

Scripture tells us that God doesn’t do anything without first letting us know so that we’ll be prepared to work in cooperation with him. Scripture also tells us that God never changes. This means that even today God is still giving us everything we need to know what he’s doing and to cooperate with him. 

If that’s true then shouldn’t we be able to expect everyone to believe?

Unfortunately, no. Just because we’re given all the proof we need doesn’t we have to trust the evidence and believe. 

In the case of Saul’s selection by God, God spoke to Samuel, gave multiple signs to Saul, spoke through Samuel to the people and confirmed this all through the process of casting lots. Still the Bible tells us that there were some who despised Saul and did not believe. 

The choice will always be ours to make. Will we believe God’s leading and providence or will we trust in our own perceptions and doubts?

O God, help me to remember that you do things differently than I would choose to. You’re God and I’m not. You know so much that I can’t even perceive or understand. Help me to always trust your leading and submit myself to your guidance. 

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