Covered By Christ

“For the gate of the court there shall be a screen twenty cubits long, woven of blue, purple, and scarlet thread, and fine woven linen, made by a weaver. It shall have four pillars and four sockets. All the pillars around the court shall have bands of silver; their hooks shall be of silver and their sockets of bronze. The length of the court shall be one hundred cubits, the width fifty throughout, and the height five cubits, made of fine woven linen and its sockets of bronze.” Exodus 27:16-18

You’ve no doubt heard the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Sometimes the cover of a book may have a title or an illustration the seems to promise an exciting or inspiring read but when you actually get into the pages of the book you find that the contents are anything but exciting or inspiring. Still other times the cover might have no illustrations to suggest anything about the content and the title is a single word that means very little to you, but you find that once you get beyond the cover the contents are truly fascinating, both exciting you and inspiring you as you devour page after page. The message of the proverb, “Never judge a book by its cover,” tells us that the outside of a book doesn’t always give an accurate measure of what’s on the inside.

The veil surrounding the court of the tabernacle was meant to reveal wonderful truths about our God whose dwelling place it was and at the same time hide the reality of those who came to confess their sins before him.

It didn’t matter who you were, whether God or petitioner, from the outside of the court everyone saw the same thing; the unbroken purity of a veil of white linen, a fitting symbol of the purity of the character of the Messiah whose salvation was ministered and celebrated here. Only at the gate, on the eastern end of the temple court, was the veil of whiteness broken by hangings of blue, purple and scarlet representing the loyalty, royalty, and sacrificial character of our God and Savior.

Once within the court of the sanctuary, having passed through the symbols of the worlds Savior, the petitioner was surrounded by the purity of the courtyards veil. This experience serves as a metaphor for what happens when we, claiming the sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross as our substitute and atonement, approach our Heavenly Father to confess our sins and seek his forgiveness and the cleansing he can give. As soon as the promptings of the Holy Spirit have caused us to come to God in repentance, claiming Jesus as our Savior, we’re surrounded by the righteousness of Christ. This covering gives us strength and boldness as we approach the altar, the lavar and the tabernacle itself, trusting in Jesus as our sinful nature dies with Christ upon the alter, and we’re cleansed by the Spirit at the lavar, and experience all the blessings of the gospel in the tabernacle.

Throughout all of this, regardless the nature of the sins atoned upon the alter, only Jesus and his righteous are seen because he covers you. He will continue to cover you so long as you stay within the veil of his righteousness. But Christ’s righteousness is even better than the physical veil of the sanctuary court. Jesus will go with you everywhere. If you’ll abide with him and allow him to abide in you, you’ll never be limited to just one place on this earth. Jesus will cover you with his righteousness wherever you go with him.

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