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“Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour.” 1 John 2:18

I’ve heard the message that Jesus is coming soon from preachers and teachers as long as I’ve been alive. One sabbath school teacher, when I was about 10 years old told us that she thought that Jesus would come within ten more years. She didn’t have anything specific to base her prediction on just a strong assurance that Jesus would come soon.

During my high school years, at the boarding academy I attended, I was walking across campus one day when I met an elderly gentleman that had been a family friend for many years. He didn’t recognize me because I’d been a little kid the last time he saw me but I introduced myself and told him who my father was. We had a short visit updating each other on how family members were doing and then I excused myself to go to class. I’ll never forget the last words he said to me, or the solemn way in which he said them, “Remember, Jesus is coming soon.”

As we look at our focus text we discover that this isn’t a new message. It’s a message that’s been being shared for nearly two thousand years. Listen to the apostle John, “Little children, it is the last hour … by this we know that it is the last hour.” There seems to be a powerful drive deep within every Christian to look for and cling to any assurance we can find that tells us that our time is short, in this rat hole of a world, and soon we’ll be with Jesus.

I don’t think it’s a curious coincidence that believers have this same conviction, nor do I think that a communal mental imbalance has caused it. I believe that it’s part of God’s plan that every Christian should be convinced that time is short for this world and Jesus is coming soon.

There’s something within each one of us that needs the assurance that time is short if we’re to have the motivation we need to become the kind of people we need to become. And I don’t believe we’d do the kind of work that the lost in this world need us to do if we didn’t it.

I’ve observed that it’s those without a relationship with God that don’t believe he’s coming soon. Those who have a relationship are certain he is.

I’m certain. I’ve been certain for more than forty years. And while I don’t know when Jesus will return I know this. The evidence is there. The prophecies have been fulfilled. Just a few signs remain and those could be fulfilled in less than a year. Once again, I don’t know when Jesus will return. But like all Christians, for as long as there have been Christians, I know that Jesus is coming soon.

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  1. “Jesus Coming Soon” has been a favorite theme of mine for 37 years.

    Somehow I got an idea that the end of the world was coming, way back 43 years ago. At the time, these ideas had nothing to do with Jesus. But I was as certain from that day forward, that someday, time on earth would be no more. So when I met the SDA, and learned about the belief in the second coming, I had found a certain type of comfort in that truth.

    On my first date with my husband to be, with my young son present, I had a devotional from Matthew 24, the whole chapter. We had a campfire and I read it around the campfire. It’s still a special chapter to me but I don’t know intriguing it was to my audience. These Bible truths are still the most important ideas in my life. It may not be the best idea for a first date, but for years, I had always done morning and evening Bible devotionals so it was an important part of my life.

    I had not thought of this before, “I’ve observed that it’s those without a relationship with God that don’t believe he’s coming soon” and I think you have an important insight.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post! You always share thought provoking ideas that inspire and stay with me. Happy Sabbath!

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