Comfort For The Mourners

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”  Matthew 5:4

I could see the hurt in her eyes and I knew that I had been the one to inflict the pain that had pierced her heart. I heard her sniffles and muffled sobs as she cried out her brokenness and I knew that I had been the one to cause her wounds. I was the author of every tear that ran down her face. 

How I wished that I could take back those minutes and those words that I had spoken. It’s scary how quickly and how deeply we can hurt our friends and family members. It’s frightening how few words are required to drive an arrow home. And it’s sobering to know that those words will echo and reecho making it take far longer to heal those wounds, if healing is even possible. By God’s grace healing is possible. 

Every day, sometimes in big ways and often in little ways, our actions harm someone. The sins we do always cause harm to ourselves, they always cause pain to the heart of God, and they usually hurt someone else close to us. 

Our focus text reveals to us that one of the first fruits born by our admitting our poverty and accepting the riches of the kingdom of heaven is a sense of grief and an active mourning for our sin. And I’m not talking about a casual or shallow acknowledgement of our wrongdoings. The sadness, grief, and regret we feel for the harm and hurt we’ve caused is profound and sincere. In our hearts there’s a genuine yearning to make things right and to seek forgiveness, and we make every effort to secure both of those objectives. 

But you know, sometimes restoration isn’t possible. Sometimes too much time has past and it’s too late to say, “I’m sorry,” and then hear the words, “I forgive you.” 

In those times the promise of our focus text stands up as a mountain of assurance, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

O friend don’t hold yourself back from entering into the truth of your condition and what you’ve done. Don’t be afraid to open the chest of your hidden sin. When you grieve over and confess your sin you’ll only find one response from our Savior; forgiveness, acceptance, and comfort. 

Jesus can heal your heart like nothing else can. Time may let wounds close up and allow us to forget, but Jesus can soothe our hurts, wipe away our tears, heal our scars and infuse comfort and joy into our souls. 

New beginnings are his. Open your sinful heart to him and let his comfort usher in a new beginning this morning. 

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