“The Spirit and the bride say, come!” Revelation 22:17

So what is it that the Holy Spirit does?  I mean, boil it all down to one central purpose and what do you have? I think it all comes down to one, simple, monosyllabic, command, “Come.”

That’s why he works so hard to convict us long before we’ve ever said, “Yes,” to Jesus. And after we do say, “yes,”  he continues to work, diligently, reinforcing our decision, giving us more evidence to bolster the convictions that convinced us to choose Jesus; and by reshaping our characters, ensuring that each day, no matter what trials may come, we continue to say, “yes.”

So what exactly are we saying yes to?  If we read Revelation 22:17, in its entirety, we find that we’re being called to come and drink of the water of life.

This invitation recalls a day, recorded in John 4, when Jesus met a samaritan woman, beside a well. There, he convinced her that he was more than a man and invited her to accept the water of life he was offering. The apostle John, later, makes it clear that the Holy Spirit was the substance of that life.

 Its wonderful to note that, in the gospels, Jesus is giving himself so that he can give the Holy Spirit. And in his turn, the Holy Spirit pours himself out so that he can offer us Jesus. Each pointing is to the other

But it’s not enough to say, “yes,” and then step to the sidelines.  If we say, “yes,” and accept the Spirit’s invitation, Revelation 22:17 tells us, we’re then called to stand with the Spirit and added our voices to the divinely led chorus calling out to this sin saturated planet, “Come.”

Knowing that, do you still says,  “yes?”

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