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“And I said, ‘Should such a man as I flee? And who is there such as I who would go into the temple to save his life? I will not go in!’” Nehemiah 6:11

Things are going well, very well.

After months of praying doors have been opened for Nehemiah to leave his work in the palace and go to Jerusalem to assist in the rebuilding of the city walls. In addition to permission to leave he’s also been given letters of permission from the king to obtain the materials he’ll need for the work.

Wary that if anyone knew what his plans were prematurely that it would create an opportunity for opposition to create road blocks Nehemiah kept his reason for coming to Jerusalem a secret. When the day came for Nehemiah to make the call to rise up and rebuild the response was outstanding. People came from far and wide and worked tirelessly and in an amazingly short period of time the walls were re-erected and the gates were ready to be put in place.

But not everything had been smooth sailing. Opposition had threatened to attack on many occasions and Nehemiah and the builders had had to take measures to ensure security and still keep the work moving forward.

Threats had also been made against Nehemiah personally. On one such occasion Nehemiah was in the house of a man named Shemaiah who begged Nehemiah to hide in the Temple because enemies were planning to ambush and kill him during the night.

Nehemiah’s answer is found in Nehemiah 6:11, our focus text for today. I love the first question he asks in his response, “Should such a man as I flee?”

Men and women of faith don’t do anything on the basis of fear. There will be times when we are afraid. Fear like other emotions comes in response to something real or perceived. In the case of fear the stimulus is danger. There was in Nehemiah’s life very real reasons to believe that he was in danger. Nehemiah, no doubt, was experiencing his own set of fears regarding these dangers but he chooses to respond from faith and not fear.

“Should such a man as I…?”

Nehemiah was a man of faith. What kind of person are you?

Nehemiah showed who he was by the choices he made and the actions he took. What do your choices and actions say about you?

There will always be reasonable reasons for us to excuse ourselves from pursuing the course of faith but doing so will result in our not accomplishing our purpose for being here. The only way to be able to finish what God’s called us to do is to refuse to act according to the emotions that may be afflicting us and to consistently choose to act according to faith.

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