Blind Eyes And Inflated Pride

“Then He sent him away to his house, saying, ‘Neither go into the town, nor tell anyone in the town.’ ” Mark 8:26

A blind man has been brought to Jesus for healing. In the course of his ministry, Jesus has healed many people with all different kinds of conditions. In most instances there’s no record of exactly what Jesus did during the encounter in which healing occurred but it appears that in most cases there was little activity to be seen. The person simply presented themselves and Jesus healed them with little to no ceremony. This time is different.

First Jesus takes the man and they leave town. Mark doesn’t say why but in a minute I tell you why I think Jesus wanted to be outside of town.

Next Jesus spits on the blind man’s eyes and then lays his hands on him. Why all the hokus pokus? Why doesn’t Jesus just heal him like he has everybody else? Well, not everyone is the same and Jesus treats each person and each case differently. Some require a bit more ceremony to activate and focus their faith and Jesus demonstrates that he’s willing to work with us just as we are.

But the man isn’t completely healed the first time Jesus laid his hands on him Jesus is required to act a second time. I’m so glad that Jesus is willing to work miracles in stages. Sometimes it’s not till after I’m part way through having God help me with a situation that I realize I’ve been selling him short and by my lack of faith making him work in stages. It’s good to know that God’s willing and able to work with the level faith i have.

After the second time Jesus laid his hands upon him the blind man’s eyes are healed. Now Jesus instructs him not to return to the town and not to tell anyone from the town what he’s done for him.

All through his ministry Jesus has sought to avoid the spotlight and limit the clamor and attention that so frequently aroused the jealousy of the Jewish leaders. Jesus didn’t come to overthrow earthly powers he came to conquer hearts, transform characters and restore the image of the creator in the lives of men. In avoiding unnecessary attention, by leaving the village before healing the blind man and then instructing him to keep quiet, Jesus is demonstrating that he’s working just as hard to win the hearts of the Jewish leaders as he is the masses looking for a leader.

No one is above or beneath Jesus attention. And that includes you and me. No matter what part of you needs healing, whether it’s your eyes or your sensitive and inflated pride, Jesus is working to bring healing to you.

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