“I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever.” John 14:16.

In John 14, Jesus opens his instruction about the Holy Spirit by describing him as “another Helper.” Let’s think about the word “another.” “Another” implies that there is at least one other with similar characteristics. Put the word, “another,” before any more concrete word be it: brother, dog, chair, stone or friend and the meaning is clear. Now Jesus is telling us that the Helper, that is to follow, will have the same relationship with us as the one that came before.

Who is the one that came before? The context of the passage is clear. Jesus is the first Helper. So our relationship with the second Helper will be the same as the one we have with Jesus.

Most of you know that I’m an identical twin. My brother and I look very much alike, we sound alike, we stand and walk similarly, I’m told we even act similarly. Many have engaged us in conversation and, if we had not told them, would have never known that they were, in fact, talking to someone they had never met before. I’ll confess to being very entertained when this happens.

We can think of the Holy Spirit as being an identical twin to Jesus. I’m not certain that they physically look alike but what they do for us is indistinguishably identical. Like Jesus, the Spirit loves you and he is here working to save you. In fact, the Holy Spirit is so much like Jesus, if Jesus hadn’t told us that he would send him, we would probably never know that the one helping us wasn’t Jesus. So whatever you see Jesus doing with the disciples this is what the Holy Spirit is going to do with you. He’ll comfort, heal, teach, rebuke, exhort, and amaze you. John 16 tells us that the Holy Spirit will take the things of Christ and give them to you. This is just what you’d expect from another Helper.

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