Am I Thankful?

“Also He said to them, ‘In whatever place you enter a house, stay there till you depart from that place.’ ” Mark 6:10

Yesterday we considered the verses where Jesus instructed his disciples to set out on their missionary journey with less than the bare necessities, trusting that God would supply their needs. Today we pick up that theme by considering how it was that God would sustain them.

The most common means of provision was through the hospitality, and gratitude of those who had been ministered to through the preaching and healing of the disciples.

So now a question begs to be asked. Are we thankful for the Gospel we’ve received from the Lord through the ministry of those he has sent to proclaim it?

It may be that some those God has used to shape our lives have not been professional teachers or preachers. Still our hearts and lives have been shaped by their willingness to obediently, and at times sacrificially, serve where and how God has called. Perhaps these volunteers don’t need us to give to sustain them; yet the burden of gratitude we ought to have demands that we demonstrate our thankfulness in some tangible way. Do we, through our offerings given to support and advance the continued ministry of the Church, truly reflect the spirit of thankfulness our hearts should have?

There are others that serve God, and you, some you see and some you don’t see, that in answer to the call of God, dedicate so much of their time and energy to the work of ministering the Gospel of repentance and restoration that there’s not enough remaining to support themselves and a family. Some of these people we know as pastors, others are teachers, still others are doctors and nurses, and engineers, and technicians, all diligently working so that you and others might be served, in the very best way, the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus. Are we in our returning of the tithes and offerings as faithful in ministering our thankfulness for what we have been given as they have been in ministering to our need?

I’ve never had an occasion to regret being generous when God has called me to be. God’s always proven that he’s already supplied me with what I need to both meet the needs of my family and to be generous toward the work of his church. Given this provision the only question left to ask is, “Am I thankful?”

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