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“Also the neighbor women gave him a name, saying, “There is a son born to Naomi.” And they called his name Obed. He is the father of Jesse, the father of David.” Ruth 4:17

We’ve come to the end of the story of Ruth. It’s a happy ending. Boaz is able to convince the nearest relative to surrender his right to redeem the land, and through it to possess Ruth, to Boaz and they’re married.

The Lord blesses their marriage and Ruth conceives and gives birth a son.

Naomi is thrilled. Through children, and especially sons, the blessing of God is demonstrated and a future name is secured and having a grandson gives her great comfort.

So Naomi became a nurse to her grandson and appears to have doted upon him a great deal. I don’t know if it was Naomi’s attention to her grandson or his to her that earns him his name. But it appears that in seeing them together the neighbor women were inspired to give him his name, Obed, which means serving or worshipping. Their attachment to each other must have been something special.

Who gave you your name? My mother was the one that chose my name and I’d say that it’s usually one or both of a child’s parents that choose the name a child’s given. I’d also guess that having the neighbors choose the name for a child is rare.

A few times in scripture we’re told that God chose the name a person was given. The two most famous individuals for whom God chose names were Abraham, meaning “father of many”, and his grandson Israel, which means “prince”.

The book of Revelation promises us that God is going to give each of us a new name. I’m guessing that our new name will have something to do with our journey with God and the relationship we’ve grown with him.

Right now we’re earning our new name. I wouldn’t worry too much about what the name will be, it’s far better to just focus on being ready to receive one. Pursue God with all your heart and one day the promise will be fulfill. You’ll be given eternal life, a new home and a new name.

6 thoughts on “A Name”

  1. A new name!

    When I told my granddaughter that, she wasn’t happy that she would get a new name!
    Thinking of this makes me think of the moment I was born. I don’t know how my parents felt, since I was the first girl after 3 boys. Prior to being born, my grandmother had said, “If it’s another boy, don’t bring it home!” That really wasn’t a nice statement for my grandmother to make, but she really loved me and when she would say that, it would make me very happy.

    Thank you for these posts!! Valuable and instructive too!

      1. Thank you pastor for your suggestion! I told my granddaughter and she seems to be happy!

        This past Friday night, the family visited. While sitting on the couch with the grandkids, my daughter-in-law put a book next to me. It’s “365 Days of Prayers for Kids”.

        I couldn’t believe it. I was told I could read it with my granddaughter!!
        Little Lily had bought it herself at the school book fair. So now I can read that book with Lily!!! That was just the beginning of a cascade of huge blessings all weekend.

        Thank you Pastor!!

          1. Thank you for the encouragement.

            The grandkids will be up every weekend and Feb and April school vacations and I am needed to go to NYC too. It’s a blessing to be needed. And all of this is a surprise to me. It’s my almost constant prayer for me to receive God’s love and patience and pass it on.

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